CARE (2022)

This work-in-progress focuses on my son and my partner, a nonbinary transgender father. While some important images of LGBTQ families exist, transgender parents are hugely underrepresented in photography. Many of our most iconic LGBTQ photos are of chosen families of friends and lovers -- and for good reason. Being queer or gender nonconforming often means that we are rejected by our birth families and that we have to create new networks of loved ones within our LGBTQ communities. The project of creating homes and families with children can seem fraught with obstacles, maybe nearly impossible. These photographs picture a queer and trans family at home during a time of special challenge: the Covid-19 pandemic and the current assault on LGBT rights, especially on transgender lives, in the United States. New legislation is currently attacking health care for transgender children, taking away bodily autonomy, and limiting our ability to even talk about queer and trans experience. These intimate images prompt us to ask what sort of bodies or lives are able to be seen, who can be a family, and what parenting looks like. They picture a relationship based on care but they also ask viewers to care about families and individuals who might lead different lives from theirs.

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